About Us

What is Haylage? 
Haylage is a forage made for horses from grass that is cut earlier than hay, turned until the correct dry matter is achieved and then sealed in plastic. A natural fermentation process takes place, which preserves the grass and its nutrients and results in a dust free forage that is low in mould spores and highly palatable.

The Importance of Quality Forage 
Horses have a psychological and physiological need for adequate dietary fibre, which is best supplied by forage. EH Haylages are the best choice. In addition to being hygienically and nutritionally superior to hay, they contain enough fibre levels to fulfil the horse's requirements. Thus they can be fed in sufficient amounts to fulfil the horse's natural need to chew and physiological need for fibre.

Haylages' superior nutritional content provides a healthier, higher forage, lower concentrate diet. This enables you to save on the cost of concentrate feed.


This project is supported under the England Rural Development Programme by the Department for the Environment,
Food and Rural Affairs and the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund.