Frequently Asked Questions

What is Haylage?
Haylage is a forage made for horses from grass that is cut earlier than hay, turned until the correct dry matter is achieved and then sealed in plastic. A natural fermentation process takes place, which preserves the grass and its nutrients and results in a dust free forage that is low in mould spores and highly palatable.

What are the benefits of EH Haylages?
- Higher dry matter than average bagged haylages.
- More haylage and less water per pack, therefore more kilos for your money.
- High fibre per mouthful so can be fed ad lib.
- Higher quality than traditional forages; essential nutrients are sealed in.
- Higher digestability and higher nutiritional value means less concentrate feed required, so you save money.
- No dust and low mould spores, so no need to soak, unlike hay.
- Helps ensure respiratory health, unlike hay.
- Excellent palatability - little wastage.
- Packed in easily handled bags of approximately 20kg. which comply with health and safety regulations.

Should I feed less E H Haylage than hay?
No, you need to feed more kilos of any haylage than hay in order to supply your horse with similar quantities of dry matter and fibre. Haylage contains a greater concentration of water than hay, at about 35% versus 15%. A net of 5kg (11lb) of haylage contains about 3.25kg of actual haylage and 1.75kg water whereas a 5kg net of hay contains about 4.25kg of actual hay and 0.75kg water. Underfeeding haylage can cause a fibre deficiency and ideally haylage should be fed ad lib. If your horse gains weight when fed ad lib E H Haylage, then ask for E H Hi-Fibre Haylage next time.

Isn't this a waste, haylage containing so much water compared to hay?
Absolutely not - for two main reasons. Firstly haylage is made from wilted rather than dried grass, so along with a higher water content there is less nutrient loss before baling, resulting in a nutritionally superior product. In addition the horse's natural diet is high in water - fresh grass can be as high as 80% water - and therefore a wetter forage is more natural.

My horse is turned out during the day and then stabled overnight. How much E H Haylage should I feed overnight?
Ideally you should feed forage ad lib; therefore you need to feed enough E H Haylage so that there is a little left the next morning. If you are worried that so much forage will cause weight gain, choose E H Hi-Fibre Haylage, which is higher in fibre and lower in energy and protein than the original E H Haylage. As a guide, a 15.2hh 500kg horse stabled for 12 hours overnight would usually eat between 7.5 and 9kg E H Haylage, and between 7 and 8.5kg E H Hi-Fibre Haylage.

Do I need to worry about the mice in my haylage storage area?
Yes you do! Mice will chew holes in the haylage bags, which breaks the airtight seal and spoils the haylage. Take care not to puncture the bags or allow mice near them. You will need to get rid of your mice.

How long will my E H Haylage keep after I open the bale?
As a guide, haylage keeps for up to seven days after opening. In hot weather, it is best to have finished the bag within 4 to 5 days, but in winter it will keep for longer. The 20kg bales of E H Haylage are smaller than many haylages, therefore are more suitable for single horse owners.

What's the difference between my local farmer's wrapped haylage and E H Haylages?
A great deal! E H Haylage has been developed over many years, specifically for horses. Everything about the production process, storage and distribution of E H Haylages from the grass varieties to the harvesting, the storage and delivery of the product are carried out with the highest levels of quality control. E H Haylages come with a nutrient analysis and full feeding instructions. E H Haylages are made by an expert whose entire business is making forage for horses.

But E H Haylage is more expensive than hay isn't it?
Per bale or per kilo E H Haylage is more expensive than most hay, but then again comparing them is not comparing like for like. E H Haylage is more nutritious than hay; therefore you don't need to feed as much hard feed with it compared to hay. E H Haylage is very palatable so there is less wastage than with hay. All hay should be soaked, so feeding E H Haylage saves time compared to feeding hay. E H Haylage can be stored outside, providing rodents are controlled. All factors considered, E H Haylage could work out more economical than feeding hay...

Can E H Haylage products be delivered to where I live?
E H Haylage products are delivered on pallets of 40 bales of haylage. Please contact us for detailed quote for delivery to your area.

What does an E H Haylage pallet consist of?
E H Haylage products are delivered on pallets of 40 bales of haylage. Please contact us for detailed quote for delivery to your area.