Dr Rachel Murray

Dr. Rachel Murray
Senior Orthopaedic Advisor, Animal Health Trust
Also Assistant dressage team vet, Team GBR

Susan Barber
Ruth Hole at Hickstead CDI - photograph © Spidge Photography

As a veterinary surgeon working with elite international competition horses, I am very careful about the type of haylage that we use for our own horses to protect their airway, keep their gastrointenstinal tract healthy and optimise their performance.

Before I was recommended EH haylage, we had tried a variety of types of haylage on our dressage horses but had not been happy with the quality and consistency. I was impressed with EH haylage when we first tried it on an international dressage horse following a respiratory problem, so we then changed our other horses onto EH haylage. 

Discussing the design and content of the product with Ed Howard, and seeing how carefully the haylage is prepared and quality controlled, showed me why EH haylage has high quality and consistency. Being confident that each bale will be the same, and will be in perfect shape when we open it is essential when we are travelling to competitions - especially abroad.

We now keep all our own competition horses (competing from novice through to Grand Prix) on EH haylage both at home and when competing Nationally and Internationally, and I recommend it to my clients.

I am confident that using EH haylage as part of our management regime has helped keep our horses healthy and happy so they are able to perform at their best.

Susan Barber

Susan M Barber
Pine Lodge School of Classical Equitation.

Susan Barber    Susan Barber

During my 35 years of working in the equine industry I have used every type of horse hay and haylage on the market.

So it was with great relief that 8 years ago I discovered Ed Howard and his unique product. Having owned and run various Riding Schools during my varied career, the problems with old school horses were always the same. These horses who because of their experience made them valuable. Breathing problems always seemed to end an otherwise great working life.

EH Haylage made it possible for these horses to have much longer and productive careers, breathing problems became a thing of the past; even horses with chronic lung disorders became virtually drug and problem free. The care to which the haylage is made and the way it is produced and packaged made feeding easy and hugely beneficial. The long-term effects saving expense, time and altering the whole course of how my horses work and feel. The improvement in young stock and our other horses was also obvious for all to see.

Without the support of Ed Howard, I am sure we would not have produced horses to work at such a high level, fronting a team that represents Great Britain in Working Equitation and becoming one of the most influential schools in the country today.