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Welcome to E H Haylage Ltd - watch our short film:

With over 30 years of experience conserving forage, Ed Howard has spent many years developing the high quality EH Haylage products available today.

EH Haylage was originally developed for Ed's eventer Basil, who became allegeric to the dust in hay and developed COPD, prompting Ed to start making small bale haylage. Now heat sealed bags have replaced small wrapped bales, making the product easier to handle.

Four types of EH Haylage are available: Original, Hi-Fibre, Soft Cut and our New Product Lite. The highest level of quality control is maintained over the entire process from growing the specially selected ryegrass varieties through to the critical harvesting, packaging, storing and distribution.

Whether you own a performance thoroughbred or a cherished family horse, you can be assured of the very best quality in EH Haylage products.

EH Haylage Original

For competition horses and ponies, young stock and breeding stock.


EH Haylage - Lite

For overweight horses and ponies, Laminitics and those not in work.

EH Haylage - Hi-Fibre

For horses and ponies hacking out and in
light work.

EH Haylage - Soft Cut

For veteran horses and ponies with dental problems and poor doers.

EH Haylage aims to provide high quality, consistent products, which offer good value for money and is provided with a personal service. EH Haylages are made from specially selected ryegrass varieties packed in bags of approximately 20kg, based on the sesonal dry matter.